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The Legal Fund Helped Me Become a United States Citizen
Maria K.
I came to the Legal Fund for assistance with my citizenship application. The staff helped me complete the application and explained the process to me. They also gave me a list of documents to bring to the interview, and the list of questions to study from for the civics test. If I had any questions throughout the process, the staff was available to help me.
My interview went smoothly, and I had all my documents ready for the officer. My application was approved, and I will be sworn in as a US citizen.
The Legal Fund Helped My Daughter Become a Permanent Resident
Lisa R.
I went to the Legal Fund because I needed help in getting a green card for my daughter. I had tried to obtain a green card for her in the past, but it was denied by the Immigration Service for administrative reasons.
The attorney at the Legal Fund worked on my case immediately because my daughter was about to turn 21, and she would then have to wait 5 years for a green card. Our green card interview was scheduled within a year. Prior to the green card interview, our attorney went over the possible questions and issues that would come up at the interview. Everything went smoothly during the interview. However, at the end, the immigration officer misunderstood a critical issue and denied my daughter’s green card case.
Luckily, my attorney was there to clarify the issue. The officer consulted with his supervisor, and eventually granted my daughter her green card.
The Legal Fund Saved My Family from Deportation
David V.
My wife and stepson were in deportation proceedings in Buffalo. My attorney at the Legal Fund helped us change the venue to New York City and was ultimately successful in terminating the proceedings.
She then helped my wife and stepson obtain green cards.


With the Help of the Legal Fund Our Family Was Reunited
Henry C
I recently sought the assistance of the Building Service 32BJ Legal Services Fund to help my wife and I defend ourselves against baseless claims brought by ACS claiming that we had abused or neglected our daughter. Our daughter had serious problems and was in need of mental health and substance abuse counseling and treatment. Instead of trying to help our daughter and us, ACS had our daughter removed from our home and placed in another residence. ACS also tried to take away our other child on what it called a “derivative” petition.
The Legal Services Staff Attorney assigned to us was able to successfully defend us against ACS’s charges and end the derivative proceeding. More importantly, the attorney made it possible for us to get our daughter back, reuniting our family and allowing us to help our daughter obtain the treatment she so desperately needed. Our entire family is eternally grateful to the Legal Fund and the Staff Attorney assigned to us for helping us during this trying period in our lives.


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The Legal Fund Tracked Down My Ex-Wife After We Were Separated
for Many Years
David R.
A short time ago I went to the Legal Fund seeking to obtain a divorce. I had been separated from my wife for many years but did not know where she was living or how to find out. Since I had now met someone new who I was hoping to marry, it was important for me to be divorced as soon as possible. The Legal Fund Staff Attorney I met with was very nice and very helpful. He clearly explained to me what he was going to do and the procedure we needed to follow for me to obtain a divorce.
The Staff Attorney was able to track down my wife’s current address and send her a letter. My attorney then was able to negotiate an uncontested divorce. My divorce is now final and I will shortly be marrying my sweetheart. I am extremely grateful to the Legal Fund and the Staff Attorney who handled my case. I highly recommend the Legal Fund to anyone who needs help with a divorce.


The Legal Fund Stopped My Salary from Being Garnished
Edward M.
I recently went to the Legal Fund for advice and help on how do deal with my debts. I am married with one child, and another is on the way. I owed over $20,000 for credit card debts I had run up several years before, that I couldn’t pay off. One day when I got my paycheck I saw I was being garnished by two different creditors, and I wasn’t taking home enough money from my job to support my family.
When I met with a Staff Attorney at the Legal Fund, the Attorney told me that a debtor can only be garnished by one creditor at a time (except for certain debts including family support or taxes). The Staff Attorney immediately sent a legal notice to the City Marshall, and the second garnishment was stopped, which left more money in my paycheck. In addition, the Staff Attorney reviewed my entire financial situation with me and told me that I was qualified to file for personal bankruptcy (and thereby dispose of my old debts and get a “fresh start”).

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The Legal Fund Protected Me In Court From Identity Theft
I do not own any property, but one day I was served with a court summons from a mortgage bank. The papers said that I had taken out a large mortgage on a house, that I had never made the mortgage payments and that I owed many thousands of dollars.
I called the Legal Fund right away The lawyer there told me that I was a victim of “identity theft”, and that someone had falsely used my personal information. The Legal Fund went to court and had the case against me dismissed. Then, they worked hard to make sure that the case didn’t show up as a problem on my credit report.
The Legal Fund Attorney Kept Me Away from a Bad Mortgage Deal
I am a homeowner and I wanted to re-finance my mortgage and get some cash to do improvements. I found what I thought was a great deal, a new mortgage at a low rate of interest.
A Legal Fund lawyer went over the papers with me. Even though the loan papers said that the rate was low, there were thousands of dollars in hidden loan charges. Also, it was an “adjustable” rate mortgage and in three years the rate would have gone up so much that I might not be able to afford the loan and still retire like I had planned. After speaking to the Legal Fund lawyer, I decided that it would be a bad idea for me to refinance with that lender, and I found a better deal from another lender.


They Got the Wrong Man but, the Legal Fund Saved Me
Roberto R.
It was a scary experience when I was arrested and charged with assault. I called the Legal Fund and they assigned me an attorney immediately. While I had to go to court many times, my attorney was with me each and every time.
Finally, my attorney was able to prove that I was not the person involved in the assault and all changes were dropped against me. What a great feeling.

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